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Eden[edit | edit source]

Eden is a cluster of, at least, 52 cities that float on the sea. Each Eden city's power systems are completely renewable but not fully self sustaining. Eden cities are capable of drifting across the sea through unknown means, Eden cities stop at geothermal vents to collect, for example, Sulphur which Eden 52 alone have done twice in one years time, and dock togheter to share power and resources in order to make up for any deficits, however citizens are forbidden to emigrate between cities. For all of Eden's attempts to preseve resources as possible, even through simple means such as genetically modified plants to use as little resources as possible and also making them act as biofilters to aid in the purificatioon of Eden's water supply, resources still dwindle because of Eden's advanced economics. For example, Eden contains a vast amount of cryogenically stored specimens, mostly Pre-Exodus, and in order for the units to function, they consume rare items that contain compressed nitrogen. Even though unseen, nanites permeate the very air that flows through Eden. Many technologies function by use of these particles, in addition to being costly, when they achieve too high a concentrations they can become detrimental.

Eden places a huge significance on genetic perfection and beauty, people with agumented genes and who are more beautiful than the average often automatically gain a higher status than the rest. People with a higher status gain benefits such as not having to pay Lux to use the Origin Station where residents of the Outer Steppes would have to. This system has caused some social division. The people of Eden are free to form relationships as they please, but due to genetic precautions, procreation is stringently controlled through the New Life Foundation. Citizens of Eden are advised to take a Temporil Injection which dampens aggressiveness, though it is not a demand, there is social stigma on those who refuse. Familial ties are nonexistant in Eden, simple systems such deciding who is next in line to receive the particular domicile they late resident left behind helps to solidify those values.

Eden 52 contains the experimental Artificial Intelligence system PAMELA, who quickly became an integral part of Eden. After contact was lost with Eden 52, it was cut off from the rest of the Eden cluster, like Eden 33, but the automated systems of both will sustain them for years to come.

Corporations of Eden[edit | edit source]

  • Bio-Stera was on the forefront of the renewable energy sector. With the discovery of an effective method of energy extraction from cyanobacteria, they became one of the most prominent corporations on the planet. They experimented with advanced Artificial Intelligence until they eventually created PAMELA. They have also co-developed the Temporil Injections and the A2-C1 booster with Bio-Stera; designed to lower aggressiveness.
  • Nanscent Robotics, a private-owned entity which is an exceptional privilege, they co-developed all non-sentient entities within Eden 52, working closely with Mitra, Aeron, Genesis and Bio-Stera. They soley developed the Sec-RT units on request from Bio-Stera.
  • Aeron, they worked closely with Nanscent Robotics to co-develop non-sentient life on Eden.
  • Mitra, they lead the developement on the lethal combat unit Seekers.
  • Eden Security handles the security of Eden, they employ the Garrison.
  • Genesis, a pioneering augment sector of human research.
  • Ark Medical they are responisble for the citizens wellbeing of Eden, they have also co-developed the Temporil Injections and the A2-C1 booster with Bio-Stera; designed to lower aggressiveness.
  • New Life Foundaiton, they control the citizens allowance to procreate throughout Eden. They also have a fertility clinic in Arcadia of Eden 52.

Locations of Eden 52[edit | edit source]

  • Ark Medical Wing is responsible for the health and wellbeing of all citizens. Smaller Ark clinics can be found scattered around the city, providing instant access to life saving medicines and surgery, for a small fee of Lux.
  • Nirvanna District contains the main offices of Genesis, an pioneering augmnet sector of human research, that also have clinics that can be found all over Eden.
  • Arcadia serves as the primary residences for the Doctoral population of Eden 52. Its close proximity to the Olumpia building makes it ideal for those that work there, and has many amenities of its own. This includes the fertility clinin New Life, a school, botanical gardens, and a large Archive.
  • Oasis is the large central courtyard of Eden 52, a vast green space designed to remind citizens of an ideal version of the Mainland. It is connected to all of the central locations in Eden 52, and also contains its own ARK Medical clinic, an art gallery, and a cathedral.
  • Origin Station is one half of a twin found on the opposite side of Oasis. Both of these stations serve as the facilitator ebtweeen Olympia/Arcadia, and the Outer Steppes. The train costs Lux to use unless one is of doctorial class, them having an infinetly useable station pass.
  • Outer Steppes have a vast amount of their own dedicated amenities.

Media[edit | edit source]