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The Locations for P.A.M.E.L.A..

Current Locations[edit | edit source]

ARK Medical Clinic: Clinics are scattered throughout Eden but the main one is under Arcadia and is responsible for protecting the health of the inhabitants there.
Arcadia Tower: Is the biggest district actually accesible now, here you find the luxury houses of the Doctoral people and a lot of services you can find in this tower.
Origin Station : This is the place where things are transported from Arcadia to Outer, there you will also find some shops of Promenade and receptions of this small and refreshing place.
Cathedral: It is located on the opposite side of Arcadia, where the inaccessible districts are.
Oasis/Gardens: It is one of the most important districts because with it you can access the other districts such as Garrison, Nirvana and Arcadia.
Promenade: Is a shopping center where we find several shops among them are the small offices of Genesis, Aurora, Fraiche, Edge, Peak, Bleu, among others.
Art Gallery: You find it in Oasis and it is open to all the public of Eden.
Garrison: This is the enterprice It is the main Eden company, since it is responsible for the safety of citizens, it is located in the middle of Eden.
Nirvana: Is the unique biggest district actually existing in the world, there are nightclubs, the main offices of Genesis and several new desigs at this district, it can be accessed via an elevator at the far end of the Oasis courtyard, opposite from Arcadia.

Inaccessible Areas (Coming Soon)[edit | edit source]

Olympia Tower: Above Nirvana, is the tower that is on the other side of Arcadia and seeing it is bigger than Arcadia.
Outer Steppes: They are the homes of the poorest people of Eden, so it will also be great in this district.
Deep District: In the information based on several Echos here the virus originated.
Bio-Stera Tower
Mitra, Aeron & Praxis
Arcadia Floors 9-15
Arcadia Maintenance
Arcadia Youth Academy
Arcadia The Gardens
Promenade Skyway
Promenade The Narrows
Promenade Arpeggio Store
Promenade Temporil Store
Promenade Pharmapure Store
ARK Medical Clinic Down Floors
The opposide side of Origin Station
Origin Station Transportation in the Floor 3
Oasis Exodus Memorial
Garrison Requisitions Offices