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The Observers are automated hover-based monitoring devices apart of the Eden Security, developed by Nanscent Robotics to record all occurences throughout the city. This data is then tabulated by the Garrison. Observers work in tandem with Seekers, while unable to attack on their own as they do not have built in defenses of their own, when threatened, Observers can call for backup from Seekers to immediately reinforce their position with nearby units. Their threat level is considered low even though non-existant as they are unable to harm but can request aid.

A relatively new construct, Observers are being adapted with specialized equipment to fulfill even more specific mandates, such as custodial roles. Their intelligence is however severely limited, restricted to chimes and beeps. This has garnered Observers to become very endearing, which aids in their primary directive: to observe the everyday events of the populus.

Three behaviors-stages can be seen from the Observers.

The first stage is when they patrol Eden 052, fulfilling their primary directive and recording all occurences throughout the city. In this docile state they will glow a blue light and often conduct a biometric scan of the surrounding enviroment and citizens of Eden 052; emitting a blue constant light until the scan is completed.

The second stage is when they are aware of suspicious behavior, such as hacking. In this provoked state they will both glow and emit a constant yellow light while searching for what triggered its security protocols. If the source of the suspicious behavior os not located they will return to a docile state and continue patrolling.

The third stage is when they have detected the source of the suspicious behavior, such as the hacker. In this state they will flash yellow and emit a constant yellow light on the perpetrator while having called for backup from a Seeker, a Seeker will only arrive to render assistence if they are located in the immediate area and if the Seeker is already handling suspicious behavior they will prioritize the Observer's request for assistence.

Tactics for defeating them[edit | edit source]

The Observers are a defenseless, and easy to defeat, sources of resources that can help the Sleeper survive in Eden 52. No special strategy or items are recommended to defeat them, They will attempt to have a Seeker, or more, arrive to assist it which can be tough opponents. They have a more practical use as decoys for tackling the Afflicted.

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