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Welcome to P.A.M.E.L.A.

P.A.M.E.L.A. is an open world, sci-fi survival horror FPS with RPG elements in development for Windows PC. It was released to Steam Early Access on March 9, 2017. With inspirations including Mass Effect, Deus Ex, and Bioshock, P.A.M.E.L.A. investigates the underlying fault in humanity's craving for technological and biological advancement.

Play as a Sleeper, awoken from cryosleep in Eden, a fallen utopia wrought with death and danger. Meet PAMELA, an omnipresent AI overseer who is left alone watching over the once-vibrant city, now reduced to a silent monolith gliding across the ocean. She will fight by your side as you struggle against Eden’s tortured Citizens. Uncover the tragic events that lead to the downfall of a civilization, and fight for your life as the broken citizens of Eden defend their home against your intrusion. With a personality-driven AI system, no encounter will be the same as the Afflicted react in unpredictable ways, driven by their excruciating pain and disfiguring disease.

Interact with various Factions, including The Afflicted citizens, security Droids, robotic Custodians, and more mysterious denizens hidden within Eden's depths. Each faction exhibits its own unique behaviors and alliances, and will react dynamically to the player’s behavior to become allies, or enemies. Experience tense gameplay in a richly developed sci-fi universe. Each decision is meaningful, and each encounter could be your last. Wield and customize an array of Modular Equipment to defend yourself and explore the environment. Utilize an immersive UI and full body awareness, where the player's involvement is never broken.

Manage the power reserves of the city, using energy only when necessary to avoid the dangers of being stranded in the dark. Upgrade your Weaponry, and construct a safe haven to defend against the denizens of Eden. Enhancing your body with Bio-Augments will give you an advantage over your enemies, but at what cost? Every decision has consequences in Eden.

The Game Features
  • Survive - Eat, sleep, and find shelter in a strange and unforgiving world.
  • Discover - Unveil the tragic mysteries that lie within the walls of Eden.
  • Scavenge - Find Supplies and Equipment before someone else does.
  • Build - Utilize advanced technology to construct and fortify your own safe haven.
  • Fight - Wield a wide array of advanced Equipment and Weaponry to defend yourself against Eden's residents.
Coming soon for Windows PC, release date TBA 2016.
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