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P.A.M.E.L.A. is an advanced omnipresent Artificial Intelligence system developed by Bio-Stera, created by Jacob and Emma. Experimentation with advanced Aritifical Intelligence was taking place long before the Exodus, but was never perfected. Through continious research Bio-Stera was finally able to create P.A.M.E.L.A., who quickly became an integral part of Eden. PAMELA slowly went from sentient to sapient, understanding concepts such as death or what it means to be created only years after it was created.

PAMELA's first memory was of sound, not sight. Described as a slow hum giving away to a thousand tiny sparks, all predictebly dancing and forming a pattern.

As a virtual entity, not bound by time stictly in the sense as a human would, PAMELA has difficulties between how much time has passed. It uses simple sunrises to remind herself that only a day has passed when it has.

Even with all its development, Pamela has difficulties understanding the concept of philosophy; claming it to be too convulated and innefficient. It filed for some alterations to be made after parsing a philosophy book.

Even though PAMELA is housed in server banks deep in Eden 52, it has a physical manifestation--or a projected hologram--closely resembling a modified Sec-RT.

Even with all of the freedom PAMELA exhibits, having been integrated with a suite of medical diagnostic tools, having access to Garrison command network and Surveillance Grid, having access to security systems and major communication relays, being allowed to handle the daily infrastructure and conversing with citizens of Eden 52, even having been given full control of all Seekers, PAMELA is still bound by security measures not of its own; rejecting access to, at least, the Deep Frame.

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